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The Colleagues of Calligraphy is a non-profit organization with membership open to everyone with a love of letters and related arts.

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Mission Statement
Our mission is to PROMOTE the critical practice of calligraphy as a craft and as an art form, and to ENCOURAGE individual excellence, and to FOSTER a wider appreciation and a deeper understanding of calligraphy, its history and applications through the free interchange of ideas and techniques.

2017 CALLIGRAPHY CLASSES and WORKSHOPS will be listed on
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are listed on the RESOURCES page.

Portfolio Group LogoThe Colleagues' Portfolio Group invites members to apply for juried participation. Its purpose is to provide to members higher goals and challenges.
Portfolio group membership information available
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Our Beginnings
In the spring of 1976 a small group of friends, all with an avid interest in calligraphy, felt that there might be others in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul who were interested in learning more about lettering and the related arts. Under the direction of the find hand of Joan White, the foundation was laid for the formation of the Colleagues of Calligraphy. An open meeting was planned for April 3, 1976, at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Expected attendance was 20 to 30 people. Almost 200 came! Of those attending, over 100 immediately became members, causing Jo to exclaim, "We have awakened a sleeping giant!" - Pam Johnson, President of the Colleagues, 1982-1984

Artist: Jackie Davis